eBTS Course 3.1: Basics of EBusiness for Women Owners of SMEs [UK]
(Basics of EBusi)

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E-business" means using the Internet or related technologies for any of your normal business operations.

E-business refers to the use of information and communication technologies to transform business processes and to take advantage of the many features of the Web environment. E-business is a strategic shift in the way that business is conducted, based on innovations in enabling technologies that support interactive online relationships among customers, staff, and business partners. E-business is not simply the creation of a Web site or the incorporation of other information and communication technologies. E-business involves a shift away from a management-centric, business processes focus to a customer-centric, relationships focus.

Use it for buying, selling, advertising, production, distribution or management.

You can take advantage of Internet technologies to expand into new markets, streamline internal processes, improve customer relations, simplify administrative tasks, reduce costs, improve productivity, increase revenue or to achieve other business goals.

But, however you implement e-business or use the Internet: it's not magic, it's business.