Internet Marketing
(IM - GR)

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The number of e-commerce web sites is rapidly increasing in Greece, but many of the young entrepreneurs that are involved in that business are not aware of Internet Marketing and its benefits for e-business.  

Internet Marketing is a huge area of information and practices. The main scope of this course will be “the determination of the basic principals of Internet Marketing Strategy and their customization to Young Entrepreneurs Needs”. The course shall try to monitor the young entrepreneurs’ needs for Marketing and indicate the strategy that they should follow on the Internet.

In the Greek marketplace the importance and the real benefits of the Internet marketing have very small intrusion in enterprises strategies, and they are often neglected by entrepreneurs.

The evolution of the course will be the customization of the Internet Marketing to the needs of Greek Young Entrepreneurs, in a way accepted by the Greek Market and demonstrated as a very useful tool for business expansion all over the word.